Jaisalmer Fort (sonar qila)

one of the famous places to visit in jaisalmer
the glorious old fort was constructed in 1156AD by bhati rajput ruler jaisal is situated atop the trikuta hill. the fort offers spectacular view of desert. walking through narrow lanes of fort is a wonderful experience. famous for its magical honey coloured sandstone walls, the fort is also a residing place. the fort contains shops, hotels, temples and magnificent havelis. major attractions in fort are
the grand old mansions were built by wealthy merchants. superbly carved and havelis showcase perfect craftsmanship. havelis has a remarkable carved work of pillars and roofs. stonework is magnificent. room of glass and wood craftsmanship and jharokhas are finest examples of medieval architecture. some of the beautiful and elegant havelis are,

Jaisalmer Fort- places to visit in jaisalmer

Havelies –

  • patwon ki haweli,
  • salim singh ki haweli,
  • nathmal ki haweli.

jain temples

situated within fort these 9 temples are a must visit site and also a pilgrimage centre.these skilfully carved temples are made of sandstone and were built in 12th to 15th century.

temples are dedicated to jain tirthankaras shantinath and parshavnath. temple’s extraordinary sculpture is exquisite work of art.the temple’s library contains some of rarest old manuscript .


Gadsisar lake – 
Excavated in 1367AD by Rawal gadsi singh this rainwater lake used to supply water to entire city. ideal place for picnic, also offers boat riding. along the banks of the lake there are plethora of temples, gardens, Ghats. the entrance to the lake is an sculptured archway made of yellow jaisalmeri stone.in winter lake attracts many species of migrant birds.


Desert national park
lies in thar desert, park is famous for its unique flora and fauna. DNP is an excellent example of ecosystem of diverse wildlife in desert. park largely consist of sand dunes and desert vegetation and houses abundance of birdlife .migratory birds as well as resident birds are usually seen. DNP is an ideal habitat for various species of birds like vultures, eagles, falcons, partridges, buzzards and kestrels. common animal species include chinkara, desert fox, wolf and hare. the endangered bird great Indian bustard can be spotted here.
Akal wood fossil park
18 kms from jaisalmer fossil park is famous for large collection of fossils of animals and tree trunks which dates back to 180 million years. some fossils of dinosaurs and magnificent remains of Jurassic era have been found. fossils of sea shells also deserves attention.

15 kms from jaisalmer Lodhurva was ancient capital of the Bhati dynasty before jaisalmer. architectural ruins and iconography is spectacular. famous for jain temple and sand dunes.
Bada bagh

Bada bagh , jaisalmer is a huge park between jaisalmer and lodhruva. built on hill topes imperial cenotaphs are interesting sites. made of golden stone cenotaphs are tribute to rulers starting with jai singh. these peaceful cenotaphs are brilliantly carved. travellers can enjoy sunset and sunrise. the area around cenotaphs is also worth looking.


Amar sagar
amar sagar is pretty lake adjacent to amar singh palace built by maharawal akhai singh(17th century),nearby are carved animals figureheads and cenotaphs. other visitors place nearby are gardens, well, and shiva temple. sculptured jain temples are also tourist destination.

Kuldhara village

18 kms from jaisalmer kuldhara is believed to be haunted and cursed. paliwal brahmins established kuldhara in 1291 and occupied till 19th century.in 1825 paliwal brahmins abandoned village overnight for unknown reasons.no one lives in kuldhara. there are ruins and temples, houses of ancient architectural style. kuldhara was once prosperous and well planned village. look of village is very haunting and there is sadness in the air. Walking into this deserted village’s streets is a thrilling experience.
Mool sagar
consists of lake, gardens and shiva temple. mool sagar has tents handmade by local artist. tents are air conditioned, cooled or warmed according to weather. visitors can enjoy swimming at swimming pool. tourists are also entertained by folk songs and dance by local artists.in night camp fire is arranged. mool sagar is nice place to chill out under starry desert sky. camel safaris and desert trips can be taken from mool sagar.
a nuclear test site. pokharn is also famous for historical sites. thousands of devotees from all over the world visit Baba ramdev temple here. another attractive monument is pokharn fort also known as Balgarh. fort’s beautiful architecture is mesmerizing. there is a museum displaying royal weapons, clothes and handicrafts.


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